Aalapakkam temple festival features a cultural program by the children of the Yatra Arts Foundation


During an Aalapakkam temple festival, the village president invited the Yatra Arts Foundation to perform in celebration of the occasion. On 12 October 2013, Yatra’s children performed veena music and Bharatanatyam, devotional, and folk dances. More than four hundred people attended and enjoyed the cultural performance, including children, youth, women, and men. Yatra Multimedia team Rajaram and Ramakrishnan documented the event for Yatra via still photography and video, while Yatra coordinator Arulmozhi officiated the program.

At the end of the event, the Aalapakkam president and village elders presented gifts to all the children who participated and thanked the audience for their support and attendance. Mr. Yatra Srinivassan, the director of Yatra Arts Foundation, formally thanked the village for the evening. The children enjoyed the opportunity to travel some distance for a performance, and the evening was a success enjoyed by all.

In addition to the performers and media staff, Yatra wishes to thank Adilakshmi for arranging the performance costumes and makeup, as well as performer Priyadharshini for choreographing the folk and devotional dances.

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