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Film premier of the educational short “Panam Edukka Paadam Kathukitten” includes a pre-release cultural program by the children of the Yatra Arts Foundation

IMG_9242On Friday, 24 May 2013, the Yatra Arts Foundation hosted a release function for Yatra director Yatra Srinivassan’s new short comedy entitled, “Panam Edukka Paadam Kathukitten.” Written and directed by Mr. Yatra Srinivassan himself, this short film educates viewers on the practical knowledge needed for withdrawing money from the bank, highlighting important information including bringing a pen and the account’s passbook to the bank, filling out the correct deposit and withdrawal slips, and choosing the proper counter for depositing checks and withdrawing money.


Before the film’s presentation and screening to the audience, the children studying performing arts at the Yatra Arts Foundation performed a pre-release cultural program including Bharatnatayam, folk dances, and veena performances. In addition, the Yatra Theater Team performed both traditional and modern dance and singing pieces.

The evening’s guests of honor were the President of the Ellora Fine Arts and Cultural Organization from Puducherry, cameraman Mr. Mohandas, and the team from Accessible Horizon Films. The film release and cultural program were well attended with guests including many of the film’s technicians and actors, children, parents, friends, and well-wishers from the community. Mr. Yatra Srinivassan formally thanked the guests of honor, actors, film technicians, and participants, and the evening concluded with Mr. Elumalai and Mr. Mangalakzhmi distributing gifts to the children who performed in the program.

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