International university students visit the Yatra Art and Culture Foundation to discuss Yatra’s programming and experience local arts

Interested in learning more about Yatra and its activities, twenty-five international students from the American University of Paris (AUP) in France and Linneaus University in Sweden visited Yatra on 24 December 2013 for a morning of arts immersion, film viewing and a discussion about Yatra and its position in the community. The students originated from a variety of countries, including Germany, France, the USA, Sweden, Italy and the UK. Students from AUP are mostly Masters students in global communications, while the students from Linneaus are currently pursuing their Bachelors degrees.

_MG_2349The visit began with an invitation to view the current painting exhibition by Osiva and Louise Robinson. After an introduction, Osiva and the students discussed the paintings, techniques and different artistic styles of himself and Louise, and all of the students were extremely impressed with the work. After Osiva’s presentation, the Yatra Art and Culture Foundation children presented a variety of cultural performing arts including veena music, Bharatanatyam, and folk dance.

Yatra Srinivassan presented a brief introduction about Yatra Art and Culture Foundation and showed a short video about Yatra’s activities and outreach programs, during which tea and snacks were served. Yatra English teacher and Evening Tuition volunteer Rachel Hardy further explained the programs, and along with Yatra Srinivassan, answered the students’ questions about documentary films, opportunities for adolescent leadership, video shows in the villages, street theatre awareness programs on social and health issues, and training programs for the children. The visit concluded with a viewing of Yatra’s waste management video to showcase the types of social awareness Yatra promotes as well as the talents of Yatra’s film staff. The program went smoothly, and the international students and faculty were extremely appreciative of Yatra’s efforts to present such an engaging yet informative program.


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