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Kuilapalayam temple festival features a cultural program by the children and theater team of the Yatra Arts Foundation


During a Kuilapalayam temple festival, the village elders invited the Yatra Arts Foundation to perform in celebration of the auspicious occasion. On 8 June 2013, Yatra’s children and theatre team sang devotional songs, performed Bharatnatyam and folk dances, and staged a play on environmental issues. More than six hundred people attended and enjoyed the cultural performance, including children, youth, women, and men.

As one of the biggest villages near Auroville, Kuilapalayam is home to more than one thousand families. Many of the children from Kuilapalayam come to the Yatra Arts Foundation to take weekend classes such as Bharatnatyam dance, veena (a stringed musical instrument), Carnatic singing, painting, and drama. In addition to these arts classes, village children attend Yatra’s Evening Tuition, an afterschool homework help and tutoring program.

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