Mumbai students meditate to world sounds in a unique workshop taught by guest artist from Portugal

IMG_9595_rev Through a unique workshop taught by Nuno, an artist from Portugal currently residing at Yatra, visiting students experienced a different way to meditate. On 5 June 2013, twenty-five students from Mumbai visited the Yatra Arts Foundation to attend the World Sounds Meditation Workshop. In a truly creative encounter and inner journey, Nuno led students through a session of meditation and relaxation with the aid of a variety of percussion instruments, chimes, falling water, veena, and Tibetan singing bowls.

According to ancient Tibetan traditions, the sound vibrations from these Tibetan bowls can reach the unconscious levels of our being, penetrating our cells and providing a deep relaxation. This depth of relaxation allows for a more full journey of inner growth, and it is through developing and fostering this inner growth of children and students that they can become empowered to change the world.

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