The Yatra Art & Culture Foundation’s children perform in Kala Marriage Hall in Kottakuppam


On 9 August 2013, the Yatra Art & Culture Foundation’s children performed a cultural program in Kala Marriage Hall in the village of Kottakuppam. Ranging in age from about six to fourteen years old, the children presented a variety of cultural performing arts including a veena performance and Bharatnatyam, folk, and modern dances. For many of the performers, this was their first public performance.

More than five hundred people attended the program including local children, youth, and adults. At the end of the event, Yatra’s staff and village elders presented gifts to all the children who participated and thanked the audience for their support and attendance. It was an unforgettable and wonderful evening for the children and Yatra team.

The Yatra Art & Culture Foundation is an arts center in the village of Kuilapalayam near Auroville. More than fifty children from the village come to Yatra to learn Bharatnatyam dance, veena (a stringed musical instrument), Carnatic singing, painting, and drama and focus on their academic studies at Evening Tuition, an afterschool homework tutoring program.

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