What We Do

what_we_do_template_02Through a variety of weekly activities, Yatra aims to guide child and community education, development and awareness through the arts.

Weekend Classes

Designed for school-aged children, Yatra’s programs help village children explore their own creative talents through various forms of visual and performing arts, since they often have no opportunity for creative expression in school. Yatra offers a variety of visual and performing arts classes, including:

• Bharatnatyam dance
• Carnatic singing
• Veena
• Drama
• Painting & drawing

Evening Tuition

In addition to arts classes, Yatra offers Evening Tuition, a free afterschool homework help program for school-age children. Evening Tuition encourages a child’s concentration on their studies without the distractions of home. Qualified teachers and mature students are present daily to offer guidance and tutoring.

Village Outreach

Visual productions are much more fun than traditional informational lectures or print materials. With this in mind, Yatra’s short films and street theater productions are a valuable medium in creating relevant and entertaining educational programs on social and environmental issues, especially for those who may be illiterate. The Yatra Street Theater team has won several prestigious awards for best script, direction, and acting and has worked with numerous NGOs to develop fun yet educational awareness programs on issues including:

• Sanitation and Personal Hygiene
• Water Conservation and Management
• Solid Waste Management
• Alcoholism
• Dowry and Woman’s Empowerment

Cultural Events

Recitals and cultural events at Yatra and around Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry provide the children with opportunities to showcase their new creative skills and bring the community together.

Exhibition Space

Need space for your next function? Reserve our large, indoor gallery for art exhibitions, cultural events, and private workshops. All profits fund Yatra’s arts classes and village outreach activities.