About Us

about_us_templateYatra. In Sanskrit, “yatra” means pilgrimage or journey. For us, it represents the journey we begin when we explore the arts and develop our own creative expression.

Founded in 2018, the Yatra Art and Culture Foundation is an educational trust in the village of Kuilapalayam just outside Pondicherry in India. For us at Yatra, “creativity” is a holy word. It’s the activities of observation, imagination, experimentation, transformation. It enables us to do something different, in our own way, according to our own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. All our daily activities can be done in a creative way, to create a better and more enjoyable life. And one way we learn creativity and imagination is through the arts.

Mission and Vision

Using the visual and performing arts, Yatra seeks to educate children and build community awareness around health, environmental, and social issues. Research shows that the arts are beneficial in the areas of creative thinking, problem solving, self-discipline, self-expression, coping skills, and social development. As many children from low-income households have fewer opportunities to develop these skills, Yatra’s programs help foster beneficial development in the local children through the arts, encouraging and empowering them to pursue their own future goals and dreams.