Social Impact

Since the day we began our own journey, Yatra has touched tens of thousands of lives – young and old alike. We have travelled to hundreds of villages and schools disseminating critical messages through visual arts like our Street Theatre Performances, Puppet Shows, Children’s Theatre, Dance and the screening of our in-house short film productions.

We’ve covered dozens of topics such as alcoholism, family violence, women’s empowerment, child abuse, sanitation & hygiene, water management, solid waste management and more.

Environmental Education

One of the things Yatra is most proud of is it’s unabridged 18+ years effort towards educating the local population about important social issues in order to improve community living for all.

These issues are tackled sensitively, yet using humour to capture the attention of those whom these issues affect, and yet whom have no real exposure to education on such important topics such as:

Water and sanitation – the importance of accessibility to clean and safe water; the importance of not wasting fresh water resources and how to reuse/recycle waste water; cleanliness practices like hand-washing and the proper use of toilets; the importance of (one house – one toilet) toilet access to all to reduce open defecation, etc. Yatra has produced many plays and short films on such issues, including documentaries on dry (Compost) toilets and their many benefits.

Solid waste management – the importance of waste management and waste segregation (compostable/non-compostable) both at an individual and local level and using slogans like ‘Keep India Clean’. Yatra has organised many waste collections in the surrounding areas, which included the local youth, in order to practice what they preach.

Bio-diversity and Organic Farming – Yatra has made a number of short films, documentaries and theatre productions highlighting the necessity of reverting to organic methods of farming in order to help preserve natural eco-systems and bio-diversity and to also provide healthy food.


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