Cultural Programme -1

A Cultural Programme includes various activities such as folk dances, traditional songs, drama performances, and art exhibitions. Each activity represents a unique culture.

  • Street Theatre Performances

    Street Theatre Performances

    The faces of our Street Theatre Team may have changed over the years, but our commitment to keep this dying art form alive does not. Our team regularly performs plays […]


  • Painting class

    Painting class

    In our books everyone is an artist, especially the youngsters. They get to put their studying minds aside once a week as they unleash their suppressed creativity onto paper (drawing, […]


  • Puppet show

    Puppet show

    A puppet show is always a good way to get younger children (adults too) involved when trying to convey an important message. This was a medium we used regularly many […]


  • Drama class

    Drama class

    Foundation Director Yatra Srinivassan uses his personal experience as a well reputed film and theatre actor and director to good use by conducting regular drama classes with the after-school tuition […]


  • Dance class

    Dance class

    Bharathnatayam is a traditional form of classical dance in South India, yet it is widely revered around the globe. We conduct regular classes at Yatra – open to both the […]


  • Music class

    Music class

    Music is one of the most important and useful forms of art. It is through music that many of our memories are relived. We offer weekly lessons in Parai – […]



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